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Professor JOSE TOMAS ZEBERIO new scientific discipline:



After 60 years of research, Jose Tomas ZEBERIO complemented what the
Eastern traditions taught us on the human energy system.

" ...the cells which make our Spirit.The cells which direct and give life to our body."

"... the operation as complex as marvellous of this network of energies which binds us to the universe."
" Humanity has the right to question the purpose of everything that exists. The answer to your
questions may be in my findings, if they are understood "
" perhaps the world will experience peace the day men will know how and why they live. "

                Comments and presentation about…

                 “The Laws of Creative Evolution”
              From ZEBERIO

We have to understand the Laws that govern Life, not only the biological laws but the energetic laws directing our biology and psychology from the background. This “background “ is difficult to access for most of us because the frequency of that energetic structure is measured in millions of electromagnetic waves that are invisible to our eyes.
Since remote times there were always human beings with special talents or “powers” able to see those electromagnetic fields in living organisms and also in the geology. The drawing of the famous human Chakras in Indian and Chinese culture shows us that a long time ago, Masters were aware of the human energetic.
It seems that this knowledge was reserved for certain selected people and kept aside from general culture. That was the separation between esotericism and exotericism teaching in times when just a few had access to reading, writing and general education. But today a simple connection to internet can give you the knowledge accumulated for centuries by human beings on planet Earth.
The book “The Laws of Creative Evolution” from Jose Tomas ZEBERIO, uncovers many so called “mysteries“ about life, death and reincarnation.
Zeberio propose an “ Energetic Anthropology “ where his observations of morphogenetic cells and fields open a new approach on living organism composition dealing with an Ego ( Self ) in permanent evolution.
Two talents have been necessary to observe the origin of living organism energetic structure.
adarsha siddhi or divya siddhi (clairvoyance or ESP),
manaḥ-javah siddhi (astral projection).
Using those two talents that he developed and perfected all along his investigations, Zeberio was able to follow the link connecting the human being to the center of the earth passing through the animal realm as well as the botanic and the geologic , to finally reached the core of the creation of our Ego, our Self, our Spirit.
Before the body was the Mind…
The first chapter of “ the Laws of Creative Evolution “ is titled “Cosmic formation of the Mind“.
We know as a fact that our body composition comes from space, from the stars that created those primary elements of our biology:
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Now what about the Mind?
Materialists see the mind and consciousness as a result of molecular arrangement and complexity giving birth, after millions of years of biological evolution, to mind , intelligence and consciousness! But in the “the Laws of Creative Evolution” Zeberio  explains that mind and intelligence are prior to biology because the later needs to be directed a certain way so it can serve the Creative Evolution of a self in infinite progress. Biology evolve with an auxiliary intelligence involving zodiacal radiations in order to serve the mind which is of a cosmic formation. By nature biology is under entropy law which means it decays with time. But mind and consciousness have no limit and are under the negentropy law with an increase of informations, order and potential in the process of reincarnation.
For the human being, Evolution of the Self or Ego is the result of an accumulation of informations obtained through analysis and action that give form to holograms stored in our energetic structure ( energetic chromosome ) where our biology and its morphogenetic cells   (Clirosomatic ) are elements given at each of our birth to unleash the potential within.
Our body is our best friend and it has all that we need to get to the next step.
Now what is the potential within us ?
Zeberio had to project himself at the bottom of the ocean, since he was investigating energetic structures in fishes until he got to the abyssal fish. He saw energetic structures coming out from the sea ground. He decided to follow the pass those energies where coming from and that is when he reached the center of our planet after crossing many stratas of the earth crust. There he found a structure made from the radiations of Jupiter and Mercury (MAJUMER , 500 miles long with a 3 miles high).
That laboratory receive stars radiations from our galaxy and beyond that are combined and arranged in such a way that they create an Energetic Unit . This Energetic Unit is our real birth in the center of our planet even if it goes through many incarnations to perform his evolution.
The potential within this energetic unit is represented by 4000 hologramic cells (CEHOS), which, each one, enclose fractions of stellar radiations, more 4 satellites OMVES (MELPHREN, CARDIAC, HEPATIC, SACRAL, superior cells making connection between body psychology and the Ego).
In the center of our planet not only the Self will be created but also the morphogenetic elements that will codify the biology (CLIROSOMATIC).
In fact in each one of our birth as animal or human, there are two incarnations taking place.

  1. The Self or Ego represented by 4000 CEHOS more 4 satellites OMVES (MELPHREN, CARDIAC, HEPATIC, SACRAL). That Ego is what we could call the “immortal part” of a living organism since it will incarnate in many living organism to perform the realization of its potential.
  2. The morphogenetic cells (CLIROSOMATIC) that bring codification and psychology to the body being formed. Those Cliromatic cells incarnate many times in different bodies and keep in memory , each time, informations about the behavior of the host they work with, meaning that we all have in our bodies morphogenetic cells owned by people already gone. That is the main truth, we do not own our body, it is a given by the Laws of nature, it is a sharing where evolution is only possible if we receive and give informations back.

The main stellar radiations involve in the making of the morphogenetic cells ( CLIROSOMATIC ), are the 12 zodiacal constellations divided in 3 different groups of 4.

  1. The 4 main radiations will built the 4 morphogenetic “director” cells in the center of the planet ( Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Aries )
  2. Another 4 Zodiacal radiations will set up their laboratory in the submarine level ( Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio )
  3. The last 4 radiations will be located on the continents. (Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra ).

We see that the Stars generate Life by combinations and arrangements of cosmic ray. Now where is this arrangement coming from? Like the question of the origin of the Universe…we do not know! Nature started working way before the creation of the solar system. The nature in our planet is the result of the nature of our galaxy and the nature of our galaxy is the result of the nature of our universe. Life was already potential in the big bang since we are here to talk about it!
What is Evolution for a human being?
Those 4000 Cehos inserted in our energetic structure need to make “actual” the potential their represent. A human being has the possibility to use a certain amount of those hologram cells after a few incarnations in order to build his evolution. Our goal is to be freed from the attraction of the earth by raising the frequency (the potential) of our Ego, so when we die we do not have to come back and can continue our evolution in different levels in space.
What is the “how to” the “technic” of evolution?
3 different energies represent the energetic human being.

  1. The somatic
  2. The perisomatic
  3. The Ego

The 3 of them we will used to create holograms that can acquire the substances from CEHOS ( created for us in the center of the planet in the MAJUMER). It means that our mind (analysis) and our body (action) will create the key that gives access to a number of those CEHOS at the center of our energetic structure. Our analysis of external and internal environment and consequent actions and behavior in the world will be the unique technical proof of our understanding of the Laws and the result will be the formation of holograms kept in our internal structure ( energetic chromosome ) that will raise our potential to a maximum, this maximum being the necessary frequency to departure from earth and continue our evolution in space.
We have to be the living proof of the Laws reflecting themselves in us. As human beings we have to understand the value of Life not only as a philosophical concept but as well as a technical and rational reality.
Let us go back to the formation of the energetic unit ( us ) in the center of our planet. Ones this unit is created it will travel through the strata of the earth to reach the bottom of oceans then the continents, taking during this trip, all energies that it can accumulate from incarnations in species of fishes or animals to finally end up incarnating a human being.
Nature provide a mechanical evolution to the whole zoology by means of the clirosomatic cells ( morphogenetic ) which will be in charge of extraction and absorption of energies through instinct during animal life.

When we reach the human organism, the mind start to operate and conscious evolution become possible as opposite to mechanical in animals.
Superior animals ( Elephant, lion, dog, horse ) will be the one closing the zoological cycle, representing, the 4 of them, the maximum energetic potential to be reached by animals. After death those energetic cumulus will occupy a corresponding level in the stratosphere, and, after being in contact with morphogenetic field while descending, they will incarnate in human organism. This is the beginning of human evolution. ( there is no regression from human to animal incarnation, since the potential gained during evolution cannot go backward )
Human incarnation
After sexual intercourse, if the sperm enter in contact with the ovule, there is a fermentation taking place that will attract a cumulus located in the environment.
Energetic cumulus are positioned in the stratosphere where they went after living a body. The level or altitude where they fluctuate (for an average human being about 130 miles up) depends on its potential and that potential depends on the evolution performed in the past lives. In his descent this cumulus will take with him all elements that he encounters in his descent ( morphogenetic cells, microorganism ) and part of them will contribute to the formation of his body during the pregnancy. Those elements not only help build his body but will also, later on, feed his evolution, since the Clirosomatic cells have in their composition cosmic energies that can be used to create holograms that will raise his potential. This means that we can find in our body all elements necessary for evolution.
It seems evident that the role of the mother toward this new life is of a great importance. Especially the mother’s thoughts influence the embryo. A cell is formed with a fraction of the perisomatic energy of the mother (SEMATER), this cell will record any psychological state that she has during pregnancy, and will establish contact with the inside of the child cranium, behind the eyes. This SEMATER cell represent a psychological inheritance that will help the child to start in the world. A baby born today cannot be born like the first human baby on earth! We are born with a minimum of “Collective Unconscious”, that enable us to adapt to the society we enter in and part of it comes from our mother.
The child, in his progressive evolution, will add more knowledge to that cell and should become independent from it since it was created with the only purpose of starting in the world.
The “Laws of Creative Evolution” force us to reshape our knowledge of gestation, since we have now to include, following Zeberio observations, all kind of energetic elements ( morphogenetic cells , chakras, energetic chromosome etc…) that will embrace the body being form during pregnancy.
The life of a human being is divided by chronological steps corresponding to the development of chakras ( vortices ) and the vital organs associated to them.
From puberty to the 25 years the sacral region will acquire maximum development that correspond to a time of Information.
From 25 to 40 years the hepatic region will reach a maximum that correspond to Knowledge
From 40 to 55 years superior knowledge can be attained that correspond to the cardiac region
From 55 years onward, wisdom can be attained through the mental region helped by the Third Positive.
The Third Positive cell accumulate all our evolutive knowledge belonging to our previous lives and our present one. It is situated on the left hemisphere of the brain. It represent the “soul” of a human being.
How to interpret this knowledge? Soon enough we will see life after life not as a religious thought but as a scientific fact. There is a logic in nature which denied to eliminate its own work, so death do not represent elimination but continuation of a movement of evolution. An Ego cannot die since it was built with the same attribute of the universe, by the universe, which is infinite.
All observations made by Zeberio point toward the same source: cosmic radiations arranged in a precise way in order to form a system in the center of our planet that will produce life with intelligence and consciousness. Everything that we think we are and we own is coming from an external source and evolution seems to point back to that source.
Why evolution? Because life depends on it.
Why life then?  Why is there something instead of nothing ? All philosophers had asked that question.
To learn about ourselves ( biology, psychology, mind and spirit ) is to learn the Laws of Creative Evolution, to learn where we come from and where we are going. We cannot change the Laws of Nature to adapt them to our desires, on the contrary we can change in a positive way if we understand them. There are not against us , there are us.
What we can see in a body is just part of an immense energetic work that took place way before birth, meaning that the background of life, built on the base of cosmic radiations, is life itself…
We could think that 13,7 billion years since the big bang is not infinity, only to remember that the big bang cannot come from nothing…



Energetic Anthropology is the “avant-garde”of science in term of discovery, since it shows us the invisible background of any living organism.

No need to have any particular religious belief to study Energetic Anthropology, but once the doors of perceptions are open, human beings will feel a great freedom to perform their evolution toward Eternity.

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